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Alicja Bieniek

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-Alicia started as a hobby turned into a full-time job in 2016.  

For her, it is not only a simple job, it is a passion, hobby and strength, day in and day out. 

  Founder and CEO of Wonderland by Alicja  and Sher Lashes in Rotterdam, where she runs a salon and shop with eyelash products. 

  Instructor of lash extension and lash lifting.

  -Multiple winner in the international championship in eyelash  styling.

 - Multiple judge in the international championship  in eyelash styling.

 -Speaker at the international championship in the eyelash styling.

 -Conducted a large amount of training with satisfied students.

 -The most recognizable master of the Kim Kardashian effect


Alicja’s motto is

'' Never give up, make your dreams come true here and now, don’t wait for perfect moment! ”



-アリシャは趣味としてまつ毛をやり始めましたが、2016 年に本格的に仕事として活動しはじめました。



ロッテルダムにある Wonderland by Alicja and Sher Lashes の創設者兼 CEO であり、











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