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How to get better Retention | Flat lash

It is always important to do a good prep for natural lash needless to say.

also we tend to focus on glues and prep too much and don't take a moment to think of the actual extensions we use for better retention.

so Today we would love to talk about flat lash specifically.

Have you ever experienced better retention with flat lash?

We use flat lash a lot in our salon, and we found it that the retention is a lot better than classic lashes.

coming next couple of year, we believe that flat lash will replace classic lash!

Why ?

1- Shape - as they are pressed into a flat shape like a paper, they sit on the natural lash better which gives the maximum bonding area. Also thanks to its shape, it is very strong against any shocking by being touched or rubbed once its placed properly.

2- Weight This is another advantage of flat lash. The weight is lighter.

When we say lighter, 0.15 flat lash is lighter than 0.15 yet still they look darker and thicker.

considering that, some lash artists hesitate using those as it gives too dramatic effect, but if we have more range of flat lashes, this shouldn't be a problem !

Better retention, lighter in weight = Healthier for natural lashes.

TRY our Blanco Long Lasting Flat

available in

0.10 - Natural

0.15 - Mascara

0.20 - Dramatic

You can of course mix thickness in a set to create variety looks.

Try them out x

Replace your classic lash with our long lasting flat lash! xxx

Bonding area difference and thickness difference ↓

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