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Oily Natural lash VS Dry Natural lash

Updated: Jan 9, 2021

Hi lash friends ! How to prep natural lashes for eyelash extensions .

Have you ever notice the retention difference in Oily Natural lashes or Dry Natural lashes?

Especially in UK dry weather and very hard water,

We found it hard to get a longer and better retentions with DRY Natural Lashes ! (DRY OR DAMAGED)

or if you are in the high humidity and warm country you probably struggle with oily, sticky lashes .

For Oily Lashes, as long as you do the correct prep, you are likely to get the better and longer retentions! Oily = clean and remove Oil

Ph level in prep products plays a part as well .

sometimes primer for oily lashes contains bit of alcohol .

For Dry Lashes, Dry= Clean = but don't dry out the lashes ! keep the moisture.

Also recommend the client to use lash serum will make the condition of natural lashes better, which will result their lashes get back its nice level of moisture and give a better retentions of extensions as well . Glue will grab the natural lash better x

Here is the list of the little secret how to deal with each types of natural lashes.

Have a look at the list below to follow the important factor of how to prep.

Happy Lashing !