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One day course ? Not enough !

There are hundreds of one day course is in this country to become a lash artist …….

Our questions is

If you want to become a hair dresser, would you go to 1 day course thinking you’ll learn how to cut someone’s hair ???

Most of you say “NO”

But why many ppl still go to 1 day lash course ?

The reason behind this is ,

“Lashing looks easy” “Lashing is not much work”

This is just so wrong ….

No one will be able to become ready to work lash artist in one day .

In fact, 1day course is even harder for you to become one as you’ll have to do a lot of work by yourself, not next to trainer.


So this is why We have created the original program specially for beginners to gain

“ready to work” skills.

Eyelash artists are never made in a day.

We deliver the support you need to establish your business and sustain it as an eyelash artist

our course is

You’ll need to study all the theory (our original BLANCO theory textbook) online .

And pass online exam and you’ll been given a homework .

This is First week .

Then followed by practical lesson .

Gold course | 4 training day (once a week = takes 4 weeks to complete )

Silver course | 2 Training day (once a week for 2 weeks ) + home assessment