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Pregnancy x Lash artist (English ver.)

Updated: Jul 2, 2022

Hi this is Manami . I welcomed my first baby in mid January and I thought I’d share my experience of being pregnant and being lash artist before my memory fades :)

All pregnancy is different and might not be so helpful for everyone but thought it’d be quite interesting to hear for some ladies especially working lash artists😉

My intention and plan till due date .

I was finger crossing not to have morning sickness 😂

Work as long as I can / work till I can’t

physically lashing !


Stopped lashing around 6-7 weeks before due date, why ? Continue reading 😉

Early stage of my pregnancy - Lockdown

All I felt this time was sleepy .

I need to rest and sleep during daytime and go to bed early at night .

couldn’t help but sleeping !!

I needed to adjust my working schedule at home slightly as my body requires rest !!

1st trimester - Lockdown

Luckily I did not have much morning sickness , I did have no difficulty working at home, Recording videos, doing PC work was absolutely fine .

If I had to work in salon, I would not have any problem doing so :)

2nd trimester - salon is open

Lashing, teaching was no Problem at all !

In covid situation obviously pregnant women is classed as high risk group, so I was very careful .

I only work on the day no other team member was working . (Less contact with ppl)

Size of My Baby bump = not big at all (not much weight gain neither, about 1-2kg)

I could easily lash clients as usual 💪🏻

3rd trimester - lockdown + salon

I continued to work from home in lockdown.

when we allowed to open our salon door I was Lashing clients and m I had no problem working :)

But in salon work, I had enough time in between clients to make sure I have some time to relax and do a bit of stretch. Also I need 🚽 very often(during lashing too) so I make suite to have extra time :)

other than that I stayed very active .

Size of my baby bump = Minimal, but My baby was growing fine . (2-3kg)

6-7weeks before due date (decision time)

I had been absolutely doing fine with my pregnancy.

My weight gain was minimal, no sickness, and being active as much as I could .

Doing yoga as well .

But finally at this stage (6-7weeks before due date)

I started to suffer from bad numbness, ache and swollen on my both hands and some fingers .

I had to make decisions to stop lashing at this stage .

I was struggling holding a pen, chopsticks 🥢 and of course tweezers .

This was unexpected... I have heard many pregnancy women experiences in feet swelling but never know this could happened to our hands !!!

Final outcome

Throughout my pregnancy I did work .

till the day I have been admitted in hospital (emergency) I was working from home .

but for lashing I needed to stop 6-7weeks before .

The size of my baby bump was not a problem for me but the hands numbness , aching and swollen was !

Every pregnancies are different but I thought I would love to share my experience and give an idea to fellow lash artist , as I did not have any clues how I work around with my work and pregnancy .

In the end I worked our pretty well and my team and clients were so supportive and understanding which I appreciate a lot 🥰

I guess My weight gain was minimal so this helped me throughout pregnancy :) I did not go on a diet but I was just simply eating healthy and being active 😉👍

but the most important thing is to listen to your body needs, don’t push yourself to work if you feel tired or sick , don’t overdo things !

Manami xx

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