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Why Premade Lash?

Hello lash lovers !

cannot believe we haven’t posted for a while !!

and I have just realised that we have not even have a blog post about our premade fan, which is super popular in our store!!!!

Premade fans are one of the controversial topic among lash artists especially for those who spent so much money and time to master the skill of hand made fans .

I truly understand the feeling !!!!

as I am one of the first lash artist in U.K. to learn Russian volume!! 7years ago, and I won multiple awards by doing hand made.

so I was completely against ……well I shouldn’t say against , I’d say I cannot accept Premade fan easily .

There are several reasons why we introduced Premade .

- Minimise salon team level

- Stable result

- Quicker service time leads more client in a day

- Premade quality is good

- Minimise the cost of training and time

-Offer Volume lash while gaining Confident for handmade


since I became a salon owner, I see thing slightly different .

as I mentioned I have spent loads of money and time to master my skill, and my skill become so Good and I have massive skill level different from other technicians in my team .

No volume lash clients can’t book with anyone else but me .

This is not right .

I have trained my team same way they are all very skilled ppl yet still volum lash comes with characters of each technicians.

I wanted to achieve the same result with anyone clients booked in with !

so Premade definitely solved the problem .

Most importantly, our clients satisfaction is good too.

Less time spend in the bed , get stable good result all the time and appointments availability become better .

We even asked clients if they are happy with Premade .

And most of them didn’t even know we do handmade.

and all of them are so happy with result or they can’t tell the difference!!!

they said

if it’s not damaging, long lasting and same result they do not mind at all !!

and if its Quicker , even better!

If the clients are happy,

what more can we ask ?

We deliver the service clients wants, that’s our business works !

Premade has a very good potential for your business, perhaps?


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