Our Long lasting flat will give a best possible retention :)

Our Flat lash loves to stick and stay on natural lash.

Now you can consider replacing your classic lash to Flat lash !


0.10 BLANCO Long lasting flat lash is super light weight, and  ligther than normal classic lash.

This will be perfect for someone who has weak lashes or would like to have natural  effect without causing damage to natural lashes. 


Available in

B curl [7-12mm] 7mm x 1, 8mm x 2, 9mm x 3, 10mm x 3, 11mm x 4, 12mm x 3

C curl [7-13mm]7mm x 1, 8mm x 2, 9mm x 2, 10mm x 3, 11mm x 3, 12mm x 3, 13mm x 2

CC curl [7-13mm]7mm x 1, 8mm x 2, 9mm x 2,10mm x 3, 11mm x 3,12mm x 3,13mm x 2

M curl [7-12mm]7mm x 1, 8mm x 2, 9mmx3, 10mmx3, 11mmx4,12mm x3

BLANCO Long lasting Flat lash 0.10

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