Our Long lasting flat will give a best possible retention :)

Now you can consider replacing your classic lash to Flat lash !

0.20 flat lash is still ligther than normal classic lash, can give a dramatic Mascara effect. This will be perfect for someone who would like to have dramatic dark effect without cousing damage to natural lashes.


Available in

B curl [7-12mm] 7mm x 1, 8mm x 2, 9mm x 3, 10mm x 3, 11mm x 4, 12mm x 3

C curl [7-13mm]7mm x 1, 8mm x 2, 9mm x 2, 10mm x 3, 11mm x 3, 12mm x 3, 13mm x 2

CC curl [7-13mm]7mm x 1, 8mm x 2, 9mm x 2,10mm x 3, 11mm x 3,12mm x 3,13mm x 2

M curl [7-12mm]7mm x 1, 8mm x 2, 9mmx3, 10mmx3, 11mmx4,12mm x3




BLANCO Long lasting Flat lash 0.20


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