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Basic understanding of curls

Today we are going to talk about lash curls .

This post could be very useful to share with your clients as well .

In Lash extension

We have a series of curls available.

What you need to remember is that these curl's angle could be different from brand to brand .

So for example, Brand (A)C curl could be curlier than Brand (B) C curl.

And usually the curl will gradually gets stronger from left to right shown below .

J - B - C - CC - D

How a curl would look on client .

A curl will look different depends on the direction of Natural lash growth.

There are 3 types of Natural lash direction

  1. Growing upwards

  2. Straight

  3. Growing downwards

Let's say we put a C curl lash on each lash type.

Brown - Natural lashes

Black - Eyelash extensions

The more upward angle the natural lashes have, the higher (more visible ) the extensions curls would show.

So to believe what a client say ..

"Can I have the same curl with my friend had last time ? "


"Can I have the same curl as yours, as they look nice !"

Could possibly create a wrong result .

What we need to remember is

"The result they want is the goal."

So as a lash artist don't forget to think what you can use to make the client to have the desired look :)

Check client's eye shape, eyelash directions carefully to style ❤️

Want to know more about styling ?

We do have styling mentoring session or


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