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Tweezer Collection (made in Japan)|日本製ボリュームラッシュツイーザー 

Updated: Dec 1, 2020

Our beautiful made in Japan BLANCO Tweezer Collection !

We are prouder to share these beautiful Tweezers !

Tweezers are must be well designed, light weight, beautifully designed for our confort.

They are part of our body.

Some lash technician looking for and hunting for tweezers for its price bur dont care of the quality as much .... why ???

We do believe this is our one of the most important tool that we should invest for !

Master level Hair dressers spend couple of hundreds pound easily on their tweezers ! why? because thats the main and only tool foe them being as an artist.

BLANCO made in Japan Tweezer are designed especially for eyelash extensions as precise as possible and make our lash work as easy as possible . No more strained hands, wrist pain .

Give our Tweezwes a try !!

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